Maturity Benchmark

Maturity Benchmark

Welcome to Informatica's Data Governance Maturity Assessment

An important first step in embarking on data governance is assessing the organizational level of maturity.

Doing so helps level set current gaps and strengths and paves the way for defining a successful strategy. The process of assessing an organization's maturity should include interviews of relevant business and IT staff, business risk surveys, business analyst time and activity analysis, and other techniques. But your objective should not simply be to assess your current state of maturity.

The true value of this maturity assessment is to identify the characteristics of a data governance program and identify at which level your organization realistically plans to reach. While Stage 5 is a great target to aspire to, the political, financial and organizational realities within your unique organization may make it unrealistic, excessively expensive, and ultimately impossible to achieve in the foreseeable future.

It's better to walk before you run, so identify a target level of maturity for the next 3-5 years that will deliver business value without setting expectations so high there would be no realistic chance to meet, much less exceed them.

Recommended approach:

Many of your data governance initiatives are currently "works in progress". This can often result in a conflict when assessing maturity. Should you assess based on where your organization has been - or where it's attempting to go?

Try completing the Maturity Assessment twice.

First pass:
Answer the questions by assessing where your organization's maturity fell prior to any recent focused investment and effort (or re-investment, if you're looking to reboot).

Second pass:
Answer the questions by realistically assessing where you believe your organization can be in 3-5 years. This current state vs. desired future state vision can be a valuable communication tool for business and IT stakeholders alike.

The current version of this tool will provide your Data Governance Maturity scores, but plans to provide anonymous benchmark reports by industry, region and company size once we collect statistically meaningful samples within each segment. Stay tuned!

Maturity Assessment