Business Opportunity Prioritization

Welcome to Informatica's Business Opportunity Prioritization Assessment

Measuring the business value of data governance and gaining alignment across business units is a critical success factor for any program.

One technique that can help involves identifying and evaluating business initiative opportunities and comparing them. This effort will help determine your most promising business and data governance priorities that can deliver the greatest return on your data invesments at the lowest cost.

The Business Opportunity Prioritization Assessment Tool facilitates this process by providing a structured way to organize the input and to produce a "heat map" of the results, scoring the anticipated Business Value the opportunity might deliver against the Levels of Investment & Effort that would be required to implement, as shown below.

Sample Assessment Report

If unsure how to identify appropriate business opportunities...

Try answering these questions as a top-down, business-centric approach:
  1. What are the top business imperatives as defined by your most senior leadership?

  2. What organizational business processes, decisions and stakeholder (e.g., customer, partner, employee) interactions are most important in support of these top imperatives?

  3. What data and applications are used to support those processes, decisions and interactions?

  4. What upstream people, systems, and processes create, capture, and update that data?

  5. What is the business end user's level of confidence in the security and trustworthiness of that data?

This approach can provide you with an inventory of your mission-critical business processes, decisions and interactions - with the dependent data, applications and processes that they rely on.